Hello everyone,

Welcome to my site.

My name is Ren and I come from the sunny island of Singapore.  I have always loved inks, papers, rubber stamps, pens and all sorts of craft and stationery since young, it’s almost like a little obsession, I must confess!

I have recently decided to stop work late 2014 to be a full time stay-home mom to my little 7 year old boy.  Besides taking care of my family, the next best thing is my dream of pursuing a creative journey in card making is now reality!

My craft materials, rubber stamps have been stored away for years due to space and long work hours and finally, I am now able to unpack all of them and let my creativity flow!

I am an advocate of paper greeting and love the good old fashion snail mail.

So, stay with me and let’s enjoy the journey of creating amazing cards and spread a little blessing in a humble little card.

Feel free to leave comments on my work, would really love to hear your thoughts!

*** Update: I don’t have many pictures of myself and decided to take some during my Dec 2014 trip to Harbin to visit snow and ice carvings as well as the rural part of the Snow Village.  I survived a -30°C or -22°F climate, a drastic change from my usual sunny temperature in Singapore of 34°C.  Brrrr….look at that knee-high snow!

And that’s my son’s hand doing a “TADA!” :)

Loads of crafting fun,

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