CASology: Show off your Craft Space!

If you have been following CASology, there is a special feature on all the DT craft spaces on every Thursday and Friday since October 15 and it will end on November 19.

So today, I am going to bring you to my little craft space, though small but good enough for me to work on my craft.

It is an L-shape room as part of it has been “carved out” to be the laundry area where my washer, dryer as well as ironing are tucked nicely in that carved out space.  It makes it convenient for me to squeeze in craft time while waiting for the washer to be done. 

Walking into the room, I am greeted by my desk, which I use it for crafting as well as for some paper work.

Yes, my chair wears socks!  It is an old dining chair, super heavy and hard to move around.  I decided to put these on and now I just glide it here and there without the worry of spoiling the chair or leaving marks on the floor.  These are from Daiso…everything for just S$2 (about US$1.43).  I LOVE DAISO!

Just behind my desk, there are two little cute trolleys (IKEA) of all sorts of things that I use it quite frequently.  They are both tucked in the space next to my desk when not in use.

Here’s a closer look, you will see all the little tiny stuff that can’t be sorted out properly and so, I just put them all T-O-G-E-T-H-E-R!  But…there is some order in what looks like chaos.  I do get what I need so it works perfectly!

And here is how I store my clear stamps and wooden stamps,

I love these “pigeon holes” shelf from Ikea, it is so good for organizing stuff and it fits the 12X12 papers too.  This is how I store my paper in one of the shelves,

I want to share this wonderful storage clear plastic bags from Daiso that I use it to store my clear stamps set when the original plastic bags give way.  I find that it is the most affordable clear storage and the quality is really good (S$2 for 22 pieces!).  Best of all, the size fits into the storage boxes that are also from Daiso.

Here’s a look at my markers storage as well as inks.  There is a small recess into the wall.  That’s actually due to the window ledge on the outside (I should put more flowers on the ledge, it’d be perfect to look at while crafting!).  But this little recess area is good for me to tuck my Evolution Advanced when not in use, all my large craft dies, embossing folder, etc.

And a simple holder to clip my iPhone for my quick videos.

The little wooden storage for different inks is a simple DIY I made using wood from Daiso.  It’s modular where I can move the small wooden crates around to re-configure to what I need.  Or add more wooden crates if I need to stack them vertically up.

All my pigment inks are placed upside down, so the pigment stays on top of the ink pad that helps to keep the color rich.  That way, it doesn’t sink to the bottom and make it look as if the color has faded and needs refill.

Lastly, this is what I do when I have all those work in progress or stamps I intend to use for certain projects,

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour into my creative corner.

Tomorrow, we will get to see Melissa’s workspace, so be sure to visit!

To view all other DT members craft space, visit here.

All the furnishings you see here are from Ikea while other accessories or organization storage are from Daiso, just in case you want to know.

Would you like to try out the

Clear Plastic Holders for your clear stamps?

Do leave me a comment and share with me how you store yours.  I will randomly pick a winner next week.  It fits well for most brands of stamps like Mama Elephant, Lawn Fawn, Waffle Flower, WPlus9.



    • Ink A Paper says:

      Hey! I was just sharing with a craft friend that I used to have the same system as you. I had keep the stuff off from the dining table but eventually I took over most of the dining table…leaving a smaller space for meals 😂

  1. Heather says:

    I have some of my stamps in files in the filing cabinet and others in the bags I buy magnetic sheets in. Both work ok but it would be good to settle on something not too expensive that works for all the stamps!
    Love your chair socks!

    • Ink A Paper says:

      Hi Heather, thanks for sharing how you store the stamps. Yes, I try to be frugal in my craft storage so I can have a little more extra for the craft supplies 😊

  2. Joyce M. says:

    What a wonderful space you have. I like how organized you are, and how you have really made the most of a small space. I have been using the Tim Holtz folders for my clear stamps.

  3. Melissa says:

    Ren, I love how cozy your stamping space is! An L-shaped work area is so efficient!!! You are wonderfully organized and I may just borrow your idea for keeping work in progress stamps all in one place!!! :)

  4. Shelly says:

    Such a fabulous little space, Ren!! Reminds me much of my space! (I’m tucked away in a little corner nook in my bedroom.) 😉 I usually have all my stamps stored in what they came in. Though, I did buy some clear plastic bags at one point of time. Which thought I liked and now not so much…I need to do some updating! lol 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  5. Yenni says:

    Morning ren…i am sorry i could only comment today.
    Do you know that your craft space is super neat! i love the large computer screen on your room, like that you are always entertained with many crafters youtube videos to help you inspired. You main table facing outside is just another perfect condition (at least for me).
    Oh ya! try to always unplug your heat gun. just be can be a disaster, if by accident it is on and no one notice. you know what i mean :).
    btw…you need to shop more!!! i still can see many eye space :P.

    • Ink A Paper says:

      Thanks Yenni, ok I off the power for the heat gun immediately I saw your comment. Haha the extra space you see…it may get filled up quite fast if I spree with you and Sally! 😂

  6. Jeanette says:

    Your craft space is awesome! I wanna do something like that too! :) just to check, what about those small stamps like 2×2 ? How do u go about storing them? Cause the daiso stamp container and clear pockets seems to be too big for the small stamps and I’m having a headache about storing it lol. Thanks and have a great weekend ahead!

    • Ink A Paper says:

      Hi Jeanette, for the small ones, I still keep them in their original packing but when they give way, I look for similar clear bags from Daiso but smaller ones. And same thing, I put all of them into the plastic storage boxes 😊

  7. Tracey McNeely says:

    Ren thank,you for the tour of your craft space. I love that you multitask your laundry and crafting! I think I would still forget the clothes in the dryer. I love how you have everything in your carts easily accessible for you! Loved seeing where you crate your beautiful projects! ❤️

  8. hazelhodgkins says:

    Ren, it has been so lovely to visit your space! I love all the useful tips you have provided also. What containers are your clear stamps stored in? I need to see if Daiso is shipped to Australia also. I am absolutely loving seeing where everyone creates. Makes me feel just that little bit ‘closer’ to you all!

    • Ink A Paper says:

      Hi Hazel, thanks for dropping by. I know…with internet and all, there is really no more boundaries and we are just separated by time difference. These plastic containers are also from Daiso, but if you can’t find it in Australia, another reader left a comment saying that she uses clear plastic shoe boxes for storage. :)

  9. Maria Rodriguez says:

    Hello Ren and thank you for the tour of your crafting space. I love that it gets so much natural light from the window, this is the best light for working. I also love that you have everything out in the open, ready and accessible.
    How clever that you put socks on your chair, that is a great idea, I think I will do the same for the kitchen chairs, those felt pads fall off all the time.
    And you do your laundry while crafting, now that is a great way to multi task.
    Thank you for the tour and for the chance to win those fabulous storage bags, I’ve never heard of Daiso so I’m going to go and take a look.
    Maria Rodriguez.

    • Ink A Paper says:

      Hi Maria, thank you for visiting. Exactly! I had the same problem with the felt pads, I kept replacing them so many times! :) Before I got these “chair socks” I was using my son’s baby socks, but Daiso really make things so affordable and the chair socks look much more neater! :)

  10. Michele Ferguson says:

    Hi Ren! Happy to see where the newest CASology designer makes her own magic! My craft space is in our guestroom … seems like the bed always has my newest goodies spread all over it … not a problem for any crafter who would like a visit, though, right? I have been storing my clear stamp set, with matching dies, in the storage envelopes from Ellen Hutson. The others I store alphabetically by company in clear plastic boxes that stack nicely in a system we’ve created in the closet. I LOve your designs … and you chair socks!
    =] Michele

    • Ink A Paper says:

      Hi Michele…wow! I would really love to see how you store everything in such organized way! Yes, I love Ellen Hutson storage envelopes too, just that I don’t get to find them here in the stores and shipping from abroad for these become a little too costly…that’s why I had to find some alternative. :)

    • Ink A Paper says:

      Yes, those clear plastic shoe box is a wonderful idea too! Thanks for sharing the way you store them. I am getting wonderful ideas from my readers too :)

  11. Judy1223 says:

    Ren, I’m so excited to see another DT member uses a corner of the laundry room! Yay! I’m with you, I always sneak in some crafting between (many) loads of laundry! It’s a good use of time, right? :) I love your rolling IKEA carts, I could use a few of those myself. I also love the economical storage envelopes you use, I’ll have to look into those! Thanks for sharing your cute creative corner with us…I love it!

  12. Pai Meng says:

    i have been storing my clear stamp sets in photo pockets in binders but now i have too many! I wish I had a Daiso here in Michigan!

    • Ink A Paper says:

      Hi Pai Meng, I used to store them in binders but the weight of the stamps kinda make it a little sloppy and the plastic started giving way. And that’s why I decided to put in clear folder and stack it vertically in the box.

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