Copic Coloring Guide for Black Hair

Hi folks,

Last week, I shared my Copic Coloring for different hair color over at my Istagram and Facebook page and I decided to re-color everything with a different image so you can see the coloring strokes in greater details.

Today I am going to start with Black Hair and I am going to use Dollie from The Greeting Farm as these characters are just great to showcase the hair coloring and highlights.

I am using Copic Sketch C1, C5, C7 and C10.

And here are the steps I took, enjoy…

1) Color the areas intend to have the hair highlights with C1.

2) Color the deeper tones in light strokes in same direction where the hair flows with C7

3) Blend over C7 towards C1 in light strokes in the same direction where the hair flows with C5.

4) Use C1 to blend the colors

5) Add few light strokes for deep tone with C10. I added near to the images lines randomly.

6) Use C7 to blend the C10 strokes.

7) Finally, use C1 to blend through.

I hope you find this useful.  There are of course many different ways of doing and many different styles you would like to achieve, but this is the simple method I use for blending the hair.

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