Copic Coloring Guide for Light Blonde Hair

Hi everyone,

Last week, I shared my Copic coloring guide for black hair and this week, I would like to share the steps I take for coloring light blonde hair.

I am using Dollie from The Greeting Farm as it is really lovely to color.

I am using Copic Markers E50, E53 and E43 for this quick and easy coloring steps.  This is especially useful for those with limited Copic markers on hand.

So, here goes,

Step by step coloring steps,

1) Use E50 on areas of highlight. For this, I applied to areas that are larger between the black outlines.

2) Use E53 to apply along the image lines and areas where you want to have a little more shadow or darker shade.

3) Use E43 for deep tones for ends of hair and those at the top. Apply to those narrow space between image lines.

4) Use E53 to blend from the darker shades to lighter shades of E50.

Here is one of the projects using this coloring technique,

I hope you find this useful.

There are many different techniques for coloring the hair.  This is a very simplified version but something very applicable for a quick coloring like what I did for the card above.

I am putting up for other hair colors on a weekly basis, so stay tuned!


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