Hot or Cold Pressed Watercolour Paper

Hi everyone,

I will be sharing a with you the water coloring effect when used on different water color paper.

I normally use 140lbs water color paper for my water color cards.  Most of the time, I will use the cold pressed water color as I personally like textured paper.  But depending on the use and the look of water color effect that you want to achieve, the choice of hot or cold pressed watercolour paper comes into play.

I don’t want to go into the technicals or details of the two different papers as there are so many brands to cover with different manufacturing standards and the comparison may not be 100% accurate.

But this is what I have concluded with using Distress Markers with water on the two different types of paper.

Water Color Method Used Hot Pressed Cold Pressed
Distress Markers colored directly on paper Color doesn’t blend throughout after blending with wet brush and you will still be able to see the initial coloring made by the markers Color blends better after applying wet brush
Using wet brush to pick up Distress Markers Colors Color blends well but not as fine due to textured paper Color blends very well and any mixing of different colors is finely blended. Great for more detailed coloring

Here is a time-lapse video showing the different methods I use on water coloring with Distress Markers Dye Inks and a closer look at the difference in water color effect in the picture below.

HOT or NOT (Cold) water color paper? Check the effects. Details on blog. #inkapaper #watercolor #distressmarkers

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The top strip of water color paper is Cold Pressed (sometimes called NOT), you can see that it has a textured finish.  The bottom strip of water color paper is Hot Pressed and it has a very fine and smooth finish.





  1. barb macaskill says:

    I definitely prefer cold press for my watercoloring. I feel that it blends so much nicer and am much happier with the finished results!

    • Ink A Paper says:

      Hi Barb, yes, I like cold press as well. Love the texture and even if it’s not as fine in mixing different color, but still works for me

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